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The five largest American fitness chains

During my stay in the United States of America, I had the pleasure to do training in many gyms and in the largest fitness chains, five chains that own fitness clubs in several states from east to west and from north to south.


Equinox, I call the “Luxury experience of American Fitness”.

Equinox was born in New York City’s upper East Side in 1991 and in 2006 was acquired by a company that developed the new concept throughout the US, settling in a luxurious concept.
Today Equinox is present in 11 states in the US and in the UK and offers exceptionally stylish factor in the fitness world.
I visited the Equinox clubs in Florida and the premises are well kept and they follow a very elegant quality standard, luxurious and with the adoption of fashionable furnishings and modern materials. The services offered are varied, including the services of personal trainers, group courses trendy and with special attention to the Pilates activity, in many clubs there is also the pool and the basketball court. The areas of the club are very comfortable and pleasant, from the front desk super sleek and a fully equipped gym floor with innovative machines. A strong point of the Equinox clubs is the SPA, extremely careful and where they offering services for wellness and relaxation of the person. In all the clubs is maintained the corporate brand and all services are offered with special attention to details as in a 5 stars hotel.

The concept of 24hour Fitness starts with the intention to involve a variety of users who do not want to make use only of fitness equipment such as machines, but putting within their clubs other many activities that can be used on 24h . At 24hours Fitness there are swimming pools, basketball courts, running tracks etc.There are the training rooms with multiple activities divided into categories and types and there is also personal trainer sevice that you can book directly online on the website.
24-Hour-Fitness-1The first club I visited was in San Francisco CA, was really impressive for its size, it was also amazing the idea of ​​being able to train at 2am for example, something that does not exist in Italy and would probably inconceivable.
The size of the clubs are really huge, all located in very large shopping centers or very large stable, and have an image that follows the corporate brand.

The Mecca of Bodybuilding!

The first Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach was opened by Joe Gold in 1965, became particularly popular since 70s because the first champions of bodybuilding as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu did training there.
The first time I entered in a Gold’s Gym was in 2005, and not in a Gold’s Gym whatever, but precisely to Venice Beach in California. I remember it was an incredible thrill to train within the walls of the gym where for years they had trained the greatest athletes in the history of bodybuilding.
190Gold’s Gym is now present in about 14 states in the US and 20 other countries in the world, the concept of this chain of course has evolved over the years to stay up to date about new trends and methods of training, not remaining only linked to the concept of body building. In fact in the Gold’s Gym will find not only an endless variety of machines for the hard body building, but also many cardio machines, equipment for functional training and training rooms for group activities. They offer the service of personal trainers. Between every Club there are considerable differences, regarding the type of structure, the dimensions, the machinery and also the staining of the interiors.

Founded in 1984 LA Fitness consists of a chain comprising about 200 clubs scattered throughout the Americas.

LAFitnessPlaza-1*304I have been member in the LA Fitness club south Miami.
The clubs have large sizes, with a quality standard very simple as the interior design of the premises, and are located in shopping malls or huge structures. LA Fitness offers a lot of equipment for cardiovascular activity and strength training, free weights and group courses. Many clubs also offer a swimming pool, basketball court, racquetball court, spinning and also programs for children. There is the personal training service.

Born in New York in 1989 as an aerobics studio, focuses its business to offering a remarkable variety of group activities related to the concept of fitness and aerobics, offering innovation regarding the panorama of group activities with courses such as Hip-Hop Aerobics, Action Wrestling Cycling and Yoga, which will be proposed by creative group exercise fitness instructors.
T06-20-BHF-Crunch-FitnessIn the last 10 years I have visited various clubs of crunch in California, New York and Florida and all have different characteristics in any location, the size of the clubs, equipment and furnishings. The clubs Crunch today offer many equipment and machinery for strength training and also several training rooms where you can play multiple classes with the concept of aerobic offered in them tradition.
In addition to the “traditional” personal training service, Crunch offer also a personal training service with specific training to improve the performance in the group course exercise. Currently Crunch is present in 14 states in the USA and also in Australia.

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